Category: Laugh

Jun 23
Whoever mailed 10 pounds of weed to the wrong address, please pick it up!

In a tweet, written from the weed’s point of view, the pot asks the original owner to…

May 18
Under The Banner Of Marijuana — An Estonian Municipality Adopts A New Flag

A rural Estonian municipality has taken the final step in adopting the cannabis leaf…

May 10
420 Book/Cannabis Talk 101 Photo Shoot

From the moment Chris Wright, better known as Blue, the genius that established…

May 08
Robin Williams On Alcohol And Marijuana

Obviously, Robin Williams was a genius!  It’s terribly sad how and when he left…

May 08
Drone Blunt Pass

Master Bong takes the blunt hand-off to new heights… literally.  Here is MORE on…

May 08
How To French Inhale

This is hilarious!  Her name is Hannah Jeanelle and she’s brought the good old…