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Jul 17
6 Lessons From Cannabis CEOs Who Raised More Than $50 Million

As if starting a legal marijuana business isn’t hard enough, scoring investment…

May 24
How To Grow Weed In Your Apartment

More and more people are choosing to grow their own cannabis. Since apartment dwellers…

May 21
Weed 101: How to Choose Marijuana

I’ve never been great at smoking weed. While some lucky smokers can come home, spark…

May 18
Marijuana 101: Calculating How Much THC Is In Your Homemade Edibles

For how popular edibles are, there’s a surprisingly little information out there about…

May 11
Superglue Strain Review

Master Bong reviews Superglue. According to Leafly “Superglue is a hybrid strain…

May 10
Best Brooklyn Style Paper Thin Pizza “The Rodeo Pie” By Chef J

Chef J presents his signature Brooklyn style paper thin Blacksteel Pizza. Crispy Leek,…

May 09
Chef J of OG Kitchen

Chef J, aka Jason Harley is reaching new heights in the cannabis culinary niche.  Take…

May 08
Marley Natural Bong Unboxing

Master Bong unboxes the Marley Natural bong. Master Bong’s Youtube Channel

May 08
How To French Inhale

This is hilarious!  Her name is Hannah Jeanelle and she’s brought the good old…

May 08
Rolling The Perfect Joint With Tony Greenhand

This is Tony Greenhand and he is touted as the world’s greatest roller of…